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Why QriousCat is the best advertising option

The high competition, limited targeting, ad blindness, and lack of trust are some of the reasons why Facebook and Google ads can be a waste of money for most businesses. While some businesses may find success with these platforms, other marketing channels may provide better results for less money.

We have totally been there. Spend money on Facebook ads and have most people comment just to complain about how they can't understand why they are seeing your ad. Then spend all your time fighting the comments. Yuck!

While Facebook and Google ads can be effective marketing tools for some businesses, they are often a waste of money for most. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. High Competition: As more and more businesses turn to Facebook and Google ads, the competition for ad space becomes increasingly fierce. This means that ad prices go up, and it becomes harder to get your ad in front of the right people. As a result, you may end up spending more money for less effective results.

  2. Limited Targeting: While Facebook and Google do offer some targeting options, they can be quite limited. For example, on Facebook, you can target people based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors, but you can't target them based on their search

history. Similarly, on Google, you can target people based on the keywords they search for, but you can't target them based on their social media behavior. This means that your ads may not be as relevant to your target audience as you'd like, which can lead to lower conversion rates.

  1. Ad Blindness: Many people have become immune to ads on social media and search engines. They are so used to seeing ads that they have developed a kind of ad blindness, where they ignore or tune out ads automatically. This means that even if your ad does get in front of the right people, they may not even notice it, let alone click on it.

  2. Lack of Trust: Finally, many people simply don't trust ads on social media and search engines. They are aware that these companies are collecting their data and using it to sell ads, which can make them wary of engaging with ads at all. As a result, even if your ad does get noticed, people may be less likely to click on it or take any action.

QRiousCat flips this script on advertising.

  1. It's supah dupah affordable: $5/day

  2. People and cats are Qrious. They will scan a cat and be greeted with an ad, website, offer, etc. They initiate the action, it's a surprise inside every time. (who doesn't like surprises?)

  3. Cats travel everywhere, on cars, cups, boats.... and in every state in the union (and world??)

  4. Have one or find one, #QriousCat and show off on our website feed.

  5. Advertisers don't need to waste time fending off internet trolls (Ain't nobody got time for that)

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